45 Projects Underway

Civic Vitality

815 Choose Civility Campaign

Collective Impact Support Organization

Compassionate Impacts

Community Health

Blue Zones

Community Wide Education on Health

Cultural Plan

Human Library

Economic Cluster and Place Development

Aerospace Industry Cluster

Agribusiness Promotion

Farming Industry Clusters

Logistics Hub Promotion

Qualified Sites

Rockford Cargo

Great Neighborhoods

Coordinated Case Management

Early Child Care Support

Fordam Forward

Great Neighborhoods

Rockford Promise

Strong Houses

Zone Model for Neighborhood Collective Impact

Preparation of Children / Parents Prior Early Childhood Education

Innovation Ecosystem

Minority Entrepreneurship

Rainstate SBDC Services

Rockford Makerspace Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Think Tank


Rebuilding Our Community Around Peace

Resident Officer Programs in Hot Spots

Focused Deterrence

Lethality Assessment Program

Our Brand

Regional Brand

Regional Communications Council

Regional Indicators Project

Workforce Development

Career Ladders

Excel Center

Minority Youth for Technical Training

NIU/RVC Engineering Program

Returning to Success

Soft Skills Training

Unified Network for Workforce Development

WIOA / Adult Education Redesign

Carer Pathway Partnerships – RVC and Rockford University

Physical Infrastructure and Transportation

Bike Lane Connectivity