Our Shared Values

We, as community members of the Rockford Region, desire to achieve our vision for transformational change and will uphold the following shared values as the foundation for a civil and cultivating environment:


Cultivate and support and environment that fully engages our community’s differences and diversity to ensure that individuals and organizations are heard, valued and supported.


Show concern for the welfare of each person and foster a community culture that thinks and acts as one interactive and interdependent region.


Embrace the knowledge and experiences of other by being attentive, listening well and celebrating diversity as a strength and source of shared learning.


Foster an open process for maximum participant input and access to all information to enhance understanding and community ownership.


Strive for integrity and reliable communication. Become committed to the highest levels of honesty and truthfulness.


Place the greater good of all parts of our region and its transformation ahead of self or organizational interests.


Balance our brainstorming and decision-making process with all points of view and measurable information.


Pursue excellence and accountability of self and others by not shifting blame or taking improper credit. Participate to the fullest of our ability.


Won’t compromise any jurisdiction’s or organization’s identity or decision authority, but rather look to partner and integrate shared values, goals and philosophies.